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Monday, October 17, 2022

Be prepared for municipal election day, October 24

 Be prepared for municipal election day, October 24




Voting in the municipal election shapes our community, it’s the level of government that has the biggest presence in our day-to-day lives—with the responsibility for social services, roads and sidewalks, our parks and recreational spaces, library services, police services, and much more. 


At the same time, voting in municipal elections can seem more daunting than federal or provincial elections, because it involves researching the candidates running for mayor, councillor and school trustee all at once. Fear not: there are handy references to help.


The City of Ottawa website lets you look up all the candidates for these three races in our ward and school zone all at once — complete with links to their campaign sites — simply by inserting your street address. 

The site also offers information on voter eligibility, and additional information for voters (on accessibility, identification, where and how to vote, et cetera).


The information is no further away than your keyboard so that when voting day rolls around on Monday, October 24, you’ll be ready to go to the polling booth.

Let’s get out and vote, Wellington Village!


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