The Wellington Village Community Association (WVCA) is a volunteer, non-profit community group of local residents that represents over 1,500 households in our neighbourhood.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

WVCA Newsletter: January 2023

(Sent 31 January at 11:20 p.m. to all subscribers) 

Greetings Wellington Village Neighbours!

Read on to learn all about the news and events our Community Association has been working on this past month. 

Fisher Park Winter Carnival

We are so pleased that our local winter carnival is back! Look for our WVCA table near the warming hut–we’ll be there and we’d love to meet and chat about all things local. 

Spencer Street Parkette 

If you haven’t heard the news, Wellington Village is getting a new park! This is thanks to Councillor Leiper’s commitment to greenspace expansion and to the work of the City’s Real Estate and Parks & Rec. departments. The WVCA and local residents also played a key role by advocating for more greenspace and encouraging this project. The past few decades have seen several losses of greenspace in Wellington Village–from the parkette and wading pool at Grange and Scott, to the school yard and tennis courts near St. George church on Piccadilly–so this is a very positive new trend.  

Our thanks to Councillor Jeff Leiper and the City for jumping on this opportunity. We will be working with the community to put forward a vision for the space and share information about the City’s engagement work.

Cars and People at Elmdale School  

The WVCA discussed the issues of congestion and traffic safety concerns surrounding Elmdale School.  The situation, exacerbated by significant snowfall and snowbanks, is making key streets impassable and unsafe. 

The WVCA has reached out to the school and Parent Council, the School Trustee and our City Councillor.  We know that there were issues with the snow dumping site that have created delays in snow removal this season, and we expect things should improve soon. 

Our Board also inquired as to whether school zones could be prioritized for snow removal but learned that it is more efficient to clear areas in a continuous flow pattern rather than piecemeal. 

We also discussed advocating for more active transportation options, such as the walking school buses and walk-a-block initiative, to minimize cars on the  road in general. 

We love hearing from you about these issues, and it helps us advocate for our community when we’re informed by your experiences 

Please feel free to reach out to us to register a neighbourhood issue and please report specific issues to 3-1-1. 

Neighbours for Tunney’s

The resident group, Neighbors for Tunney’s (NFT) meets regularly and welcomes the participation of representatives from each of the four surrounding community associations. Feedback from their December Newsletter garnered responses indicating that residents would really like more specific details from Tunney’s project planners on what is currently happening at Tunney’s and what is planned for the future. The next NFT newsletter will aim to address these questions. 

The main themes that continue to rank as priorities include: maintaining trail connections to the river; inclusion of a multi-use recreation centre/facilities; meeting City targets on green space; and affordable housing. As well, residents would like adequate opportunities for engagement, including Indigenous representation; and be kept informed of schedules for construction, including demolition and fencing plans. 

The WVCA notes that a related aspect of the Tunney’s development concerns traffic pattern changes in the streets near Tunney’s. The Board believes that this significant impact merits a City-led traffic plan for our neighbourhood. This includes the concerns raised by residents on Smirle Ave about the new bridge and traffic light. 

The WVCA strongly supports the work of Neighbours for Tunney’s. As a wholly resident formed group, any/all local residents, businesses, employees, etc. are encouraged to sign up for the newsletter or send in comments:

Mizrahi Wellington Lane Closure

On Wellington St. W. there is a long-term lane closure near the Mizrahi condominium build at Island Park.  This closure makes it difficult for pedestrians to cross Wellington street.  We understand that Mizhrahi will install a sidewalk in the next two to three weeks, which will be unavailable at times during the 9-3 period. 

The board discussed different traffic safety measures developers could offer should they need to disrupt sidewalks and roads for their build. For example, installing a temporary crosswalk, and improving signage for pedestrians ahead of the sidewalk closure. 

We recently followed up with the Mizrahi development about the Parkette as part of the development.  This was promised for the area surrounding the western edge where many mature coniferous trees once stood.  See: plans for Rockhurst Parkette. We will share an update when we hear back! 

What else is the WVCA up to? 

The Wellington Village Community Association works on many other initiatives and issues and we welcome all volunteers. Do you have a special skill or experience? An idea or passion project you’d like to see in the Village? We love hearing from neighbours interested in helping out to make this great community even better.
Here are some examples of projects we support on an ongoing basis: 

  • We work regularly with the eight other community associations in Kitchissippi ward on all sorts of shared issues including the redevelopment of Tunney’s Pasture, hosting election debates in our riding, feeding in on traffic and development concerns, addressing tree canopy loss, etc.
  • We’re engaged in other groups, including the Tunney’s Pasture Community Perspectives Group, the WWBIA Placemaking Committee, Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES Ottawa), and working with the Hintonburg CA on Cleaning the Capital and their Environment committee
  • Attending meetings of the FCA (Federation of Community Associations) on topics such as community association insurance 
  • Updating our membership policy and creating a new postcard for our member drive 
  • We have our hand in various traffic issues such as the recent changes at Scott and Holland and the upcoming road work on Huron and Caroline avenues. 

We also have a well known Historian on our Board! Check out Dave Allston’s most recent post to the Kitchissippi Museum–an incredible action story involving a high speed chase and shoot-out right here in our area, back in 1934! 

Are you paid up?

Membership funds–You’re already a member just by living within the boundaries!  As always, we appreciate your support to help us run events and engage with residents. While $10 is the suggested membership fee, the WVCA appreciates donations of any amount. We’re happy to pick up a cheque or you can e-transfer.
E-transfer to:
*Please include your contact details in the Message section to let us know how to reach you—to confirm and thank you for your donation.

Spread the news! Please share this newsletter with Wellington Village neighbours. Those interested can sign up on the landing page of our website.

And join us on social media, we’re on Facebook and Twitter as the Wellington Village Community Association. 


Join us at our next meeting! 

February 27th, 7:15pm, Fisher Park School, Rm 112, Holland entrance. 

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We’re better together!

Saturday, January 14, 2023

WVCA Board Meeting (in-person) - Monday January 16th at 7:30 p.m.

Good day,

The WVCA is holding its next board meeting this coming Monday evening, January 16th, at 7:30 p.m.

This is a return to live in-person meetings for us. We are back to our former meeting location at Fisher Park School (250 Holland Avenue). Use the doors at the Holland Avenue end. When you enter, go down the hallway to your right and it will be one of the first classrooms on your left (room 112?)

We are looking at methods of holding our meetings as a hybrid in-person with virtual capability, but may not have that arranged in time for this week. 

Community residents are welcome to attend.

Agenda :

1. Approval of Minutes 

2. Community Updates:

  • Spencer – Huron Parkette
  • Neighbours for Tunney’s 
  • Pedestrians/traffic issue at Elmdale 
  • Gould neighbour pitch to Committee of Adjustment (CoA)

3. Future Projects 

  • Fisher Park Winter Carnival early February

4. Organizational Issues

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Membership 
  • Communications
  • Roundtable – Community meetings 

5. Next Meeting