The Wellington Village Community Association (WVCA) is a volunteer, non-profit community group of local residents that represents over 1,500 households in our neighbourhood.

Neighbours for Tunney's

Welcome to the landing page for the Wellington Village Community Association's ongoing work surrounding the redevelopment of Tunney's Pasture. On this page you will find a growing number of references, links and resources dedicated to this important development project  in our growing community. You will hear many references to the group Neighbours for Tunney’s which is a newly formed group drawing together members and voices from the four neighbouring community associations surrounding Tunney's Pasture. Our group meets regularly to discuss goals, priorities and issues. 

We know that what happens at Tunney's Pasture will have a significant impact on the residents of our neighbourhood. If you would like to keep up to date on our work and updates, we have an email list that sends out regular detailed emails with updates about Tunney's and related info.

To join our emailing list, please click this link: CLICK HERE (Note to get specific Tunney's updates you MUST click this link. The signup on the right side of this page is for the WVCA website in general. I recommend adding yourself to both! 😀)

Read on to see what we’ve been up to! 

November 2023: Two Newsletters were sent. Click here for November 3rd and Click here for November 29th.

October 2023: Fall Newsletter sent out. Click here to read it.

May 2023: Newsetter sent out regarding the June Jane's Walk at Tunney's Pasture. Click here to read it.

March 2023: You asked, we answered! We gathered all of the most common questions that we receive from residents and neighbours and submitted them to the Tunney's Planning team. Click here to read their responses.

December, 2022: This email summarizes the most recent Tunney's "Community Perspectives Group (CPG)" meeting; highlighting the discussions that were had about 'community values'. Since the values of 'connectivity' and 'green space' have been highlighted as priority themes for many residents, Neighbours for Tunney's focuses most on these community values. We also make a call-out for quotes / photos on how people currently use greenspace and connections through Tunney's. Read the full email here: Click here

August, 2022: A very brief update to remind all local residents that they can still apply online to become a member of the Community Perspectives Group hosted by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) and Canada Lands Company (CLC). Click here to read our full email with links to apply.

Late spring, 2022: This important update contains details of an upcoming opportunity for residents to give feedback on the future of Tunney’s Pasture via two (identical) virtual engagement sessions. Click here to read the email with links to register: Email Link June, 2022: This email shares further details of opportunities for residents to weigh in on the future of Tunney's Pasture. Please read on and be sure to share with your own neighbours. Click here to read the full email: Email Link

Early spring, 2022: Neighbours for Tunney’s shares survey results on the new Kichi Sibi Winter Trail connection through Tunney’s Pasture, information about an upcoming engagement opportunity and an answer about the loud banging sounds around Tunney's. Click here to read the full email send-out: Email Link

January, 2022: Neighbours for Tunney’s shares news about a new Kichi Sibi Winter Trail connection through Tunney’s Pasture and give readers a chance to share their feedback about it. The City’s Draft Transportation Master Plan is also highlighted, including opportunities for residents to engage.                                                  Click here to read more about these updates in our email send-out: Email Link                                                    Click here to see photos of the new Trail: Photo Link

Early Winter, 2021: The Canada Lands Company and Public Services and Procurement Canada invites the community associations abutting Tunney's Pasture to the first of a series of public engagement meetings. The CLC also updates their project website. Click here to read more about this in our email send-out: Email link

Early Fall, 2021: Election time is just around the corner! Jeff Leiper surveyed the Kitchissippi candidates about many key issues in our neighbourhood including the redevelopment of Tunney’s Pasture. If you missed the "All Candidates Debate", find the link here. Leiper also met with Canada Lands Company and Public Works on the topic of Tunney's redevelopment.  Representatives from neighbouring community associations also came together for the first time in many years to discuss Tunney’s. Interestingly, the CLC also mailed out a leaflet with information about Tunney's redevelopment.                                                                                                            Click here to read more about this in our email send-out: Email link                                                                 Click here to see Tunney's Pasture Leaflet Mail-out: Leaflet Link

September, 2021: Virtual "All Candidates Debate" will be happening September 13th at 7:00 PM. More information is available here: Pre-election email link

July, 2021: The work of Neighbours for Tunney’s and local residents are featured in the news on CBC radio, web and TV as well as in the Ottawa Citizen. Click here to read more about this in our email send-out: Email Link

June 20, 2021: Neighbours for Tunney’s creates a website url! You can now come directly to this webpage at

Also tomorrow begins the launch of our website, survey results and backgrounder publicly through the start of our media campaign. You can view our Media Release here: Media Release 2021-06-21.

June 14, 2021: We have a dedicated mailing list for updates on Neighbours for Tunney's! (If you completed our survey in April and indicated you would like to receive updates, you are already on our mailing list). If you would like to be added to the list, please send an email to with "Join NfT" in the subject line.

June 2021: The four neighbouring community associations surrounding Tunney's Pasture form a working group to discuss the redevelopment as one. This working group takes on the name Neighbours for Tunney's, and they meet regularly to discuss goals, priorities and issues. 

See this 'Backgrounder' document which details what Neighbours for Tunney's hopes to achieve: Backgrounder link.

May 2021: We completed our survey of residents, friends and visitors to the neighbourhood, for which we received nearly 500 replies. The results were tabulated in a presentation, which can be viewed at: Survey Results link.

You can also read more about the survey results in the email that we sent out to our subscribers: Email Link

April 2021: The WVCA conducted a survey of the community to gather data and knowledge regarding the proposed redevelopment at Tunney's Pasture. The original survey was posted at: Survey link


Background Summary: 

(Borrowed from Heather Pearl of the Champlain Park Community Association, on 31 March 2021)

After years of silence, we may soon know more about the redevelopment proposals for Tunney's Pasture.  Here is some history:

* Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) presented a draft plan to local community associations and the West Wellington BIA in 2012.

* The CAs and BIA responded that the site needed to be redeveloped as much more than an attractive employment campus.

* Our MP, Paul Dewar held a public meeting, attended by a large number of residents from the adjacent communities, to discuss what the Tunney's Pasture Master Plan (TPMP) needed to address.

* The resulting TPMP Community Report (link) was posted on Paul's website.  In-house negotiations began, to which the CAs were not privy.

In 2013, PSPC held a public consultation to gather comments on their new, very different proposal, for a substantial mixed-use development, that responded to most of the issues raised in the TPMP Community Report.

* The new Tunney's Pasture Master Plan was published in September 2014:

* PSPC's website, where updates will be published at some point, is here:

Since 2014, it has been very quiet.

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