The Wellington Village Community Association (WVCA) is a volunteer, non-profit community group of local residents that represents over 1,500 households in our neighbourhood.

Neighbours for Tunney's

Welcome to the landing page for the WVCA's ongoing work on the redevelopment of Tunney's Pasture. On this page you will find a growing number of references, links and resources dedicated to information on the future of the Tunney's Pasture property.

What happens at Tunney's Pasture will have a significant impact on the residents of our neighbourhood. To date information has been sparse, and there is reason to believe that plans for redevelopment have moved ahead significantly.

Here is a recent timeline of what we have been up to!

June 20, 2021: We have a website url! You can now come directly to this webpage at

Also tomorrow begins the launch of our website, survey results and backgrounder publicly through a the start of our media campaign. You can view our Media Release here: Media Release 2021-06-21.

June 14, 2021: We have a dedicated mailing list for updates on Neighbours for Tunney's! (If you completed our survey in April and indicated you would like to receive updates, you are already on our mailing list). If you would like to be added to the list, please send an email to with "Tunney's update" in the subject line.

June 2021: The four neighbouring community associations surrounding Tunney's Pasture have formed a working group to discuss the redevelopment as one. This working group has taken on the name Neighbours for Tunney's, and we have begun to meet on a weekly basis to discuss goals, priorities and issues. 

We have created a 'Backgrounder' document which details what Neighbours for Tunney's hopes to achieve. Please view it here: Backgrounder link.

More to come very soon!

May 2021: We completed our survey of residents, friends and visitors to the neighbourhood, for which we received nearly 500 replies. The results were tabulated in a presentation, which can be viewed at: Survey Results link.

April 2021: The WVCA conducted a survey of the community to gather data and knowledge regarding the proposed redevelopment at Tunney's Pasture. The original survey was posted at: Survey link


(Borrowed from Heather Pearl of the Champlain Park Community Association, on 31 March 2021)

After years of silence, we may soon know more about the redevelopment proposals for Tunney's Pasture.  Here is some history:

* Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) presented a draft plan to local community associations and the West Wellington BIA in 2012.

* The CAs and BIA responded that the site needed to be redeveloped as much more than an attractive employment campus.

* Our MP, Paul Dewar held a public meeting, attended by a large number of residents from the adjacent communities, to discuss what the Tunney's Pasture Master Plan (TPMP) needed to address.

* The resulting TPMP Community Report (link) was posted on Paul's website.  In-house negotiations began, to which the CAs were not privy.

In 2013, PSPC held a public consultation to gather comments on their new, very different proposal, for a substantial mixed-use development, that responded to most of the issues raised in the TPMP Community Report.

* The new Tunney's Pasture Master Plan was published in September 2014:

* PSPC's website, where updates will be published at some point, is here:

Since 2014, it has been very quiet.

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