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Friday, November 22, 2019

Ongoing Discussions Concerning the Mizrahi Development

On October 23rd, we informed you that the construction for the Mizrahi development at 1445 Wellington Street West (corner of Wellington and Island Park) had begun.

Since that time there has been a "pre-construction" meeting where Mizhari Developments presented new plans to the Councillor's office and members of the community. Those plans now include staging of the construction equipment in the existing parkette which means the mature trees will need to be cut down. The City and Councilor Leiper both agreed that staging on Wellington is not possible as it would force a sidewalk closure which would pose a danger to pedestrians. In addition, the plans include a Gate 3 located on Rockhurst Avenue which, according to Mizrahi, is necessary for the delivery of certain materials but that Gate 1 and Gate 2 on Wellington will be primarily used.

These new developments are of great concern to the WVCA and we communicating those concerns to Mizrahi and Councillor Leiper. Discussions are ongoing and we will continue to update the community as it unfolds.

Please contact the WVCA at if you have any concerns. We will do our best to work with Mizrahi and Councillor Leiper's office to address the communities' concerns.

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