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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow bank removal schedule for tonight and tomorrow - January 9 and 10

From Geoffrey Hall of Katherine Hobbs office:

Here is the schedule for Kitchissippi streets for snow removal for tonight and tomorrow daytime:


  • Ruskin from Gwynne to Melrose

  • Laurentian from Melrose to Gwynne

  • Ruskin from MacFarlane West to Dead End

  • Barrie from Sherwood Dr to Ruskin

  • Reid Sherwood Dr to Ruskin

  • Hutchison from Parkdale to MacFarlane

  • Orrin from Parkdale to Reid


  • Harmer from Iona to Queensway

  • Hamilton from Wellington to Queensway

  • Kenora from Harmer to Mayfair

  • Harmer from Wellington to Kenora

  • Irving from Edgar to Wellington

  • Laurel from Irving to Loretta

  • Sims from Beverley to Parkdale

  • Beverley from Gladstone to Westmount


  • Windermere from Keenan to Byron

  • Wavell from Keenan to Byron

  • Kenwood from Roosevelt to Cole

  • Keenan from Gainsborough to Denbury

  • Cole from Carling to Roosevelt

  • Tillbury from Cole to Dead End

  • Fraser from Sherbourne to Byron

  • Roosevelt from Cole to 30m North

Tomorrow, daytime:

  • Hampton from Wellington to S/Limit

  • Rockhurst from Scott to South End

  • Mayfair from Richmond Rd. to Bassett

  • Julian from Wellington to S/Limit

  • Garrison from Rockhurst to Western

  • Grange from Wellington to Scott

  • Caroline from Wellington to Scott

  • Gould from Western to Rockhurst

  • Gilchrist from Scott to Wellington

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