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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Comments from the WVCA on the September 17 Public Information Session on the Tunney's Pasture Master Plan Project

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing, on behalf of the Wellington Village Community Association, about the Tunney's Pasture Master Plan options that were presented to the public on September 17 and the manner in which they were presented.

Our principal concern is that neither option seems particularly integrated with the neighbouring communities and that the governmental, commercial and residential elements in each option do not appear to be particularly integrated with each other. We suspect that, without greater integration, the site will remain as lifeless as it is today and nothing will happen there outside of government working hours. That both options appear to push cliff-like buildings to all sides of the site - giving it the impression of a walled city or fortress - reinforces this concern.

Our secondary concern is that the September 17 presentation did not seem like a consultation. The members of our Association who attended the presentation came away feeling that decisions had already been made and that we were simply being informed. One of our board members was, for example, taken aback by the casualness with which staff at the presentation told him to get ready to accept significant gridlock.

We hope, however, that we are wrong about our principal concern and that PWGSC will take the opportunity to make Tunney's Pasture a place that truly connects with the City and the NCC parkland. Perhaps some of the ornamental green space could be replaced with playing fields? Perhaps there could be a dedicated bike path or cross-country ski trail through the site to the river? Perhaps the Plan could make a firm commitment to amenities such as a new YMCA or purpose-built daycare facilities that will benefit both government workers and the community at large?

We look forward to the October 15 follow-up session and to working with you, the neighbouring communities and the City of Ottawa.

Yours truly,

Duff McLeod

President, Wellington Village Community Association


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