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Thursday, April 20, 2023

Suggestions for Earth Day!

The WVCA is happy to welcome local student Rory Grosset, who is a new contributor to the WVCA webpage. Rory has put together a great list of ideas for Earth Day, which is coming up this Saturday April 22nd. Thanks so much Rory!

April 22nd is Earth Day! Here are 12 suggestions on how you and your family can mark the day!

- Clean up garbage from your street, and/or the local park.

- Ditch the car and instead, bike, walk, or use public transportation.

- Donate money to charities like Greenpeace, or the World Wildlife Fund (who started Earth Day in 1970)

- Volunteer for or become a member of an environmental organization such as Ottawa Riverkeepers or Greenpeace.

- Have a candle-lit dinner this evening, and turn off all the lights. 

- Replace your light bulbs with LEDs; LED bulbs last longer and are more energy efficient.

- Take a hike/walk/run around your neighborhood, park, or hike trails in Gatineau. Maybe pick up garbage along the way too! 

- Feeling artsy & crafty? Make this tote bag out of a t-shirt with no sewing required! Use it for your groceries, in place of all those plastic bags!

- Spend time outside and away from “that darned screen”. For instance, hop across the river and do some foraging.  

- Put up a bird feeder. Your local Home Hardware, on Wellington, has exactly what you will need!

- Plant a pollinator garden to help the bees. Here are some good flowers and plants for it!

- Write to your local politician and ask if they think they are doing enough about the environment.

- Nurture a native garden, supports biodiversity, requires less water and requires less work (harness the power of nature!).

- Learn about the city of Ottawa’s Trees in Trust program! They plant a tree on their side of your lawn and the homeowner agrees to take care of it. Plus it’s completely free!

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  1. These are all such great ideas, Rory. Easy and cheap to do, and soon become a way of life! People sometimes say we can't save the planet on our own, or what difference can it make? Together we can make a HUGE difference!