The Wellington Village Community Association (WVCA) is a volunteer, non-profit community group of local residents that represents over 1,500 households in our neighbourhood.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Return of the Wellington Village Community Association Newsletter

Good day!

The Wellington Village Community Association has re-started it's virtual newsletter. A while back, a website crash caused the loss of most of our webpage content and tools. It's been a slow recovery, but we are finally back - and then some. 

If you have received this note via email it is because you are either a current or former WVCA subscriber! To continue receiving these emails (likely 1-2 per week at the most) simply do nothing and you'll remain on our distribution list. If you'd prefer not receive these emails, please click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of this message.

There is a lot going on in Wellington Village these days, and your community association is working hard to offer you more services. 

What do we do? We are here for you as your representatives to help with things like zoning, development applications and Committee of Adjustment concerns; to work with the BIA on helping promote and enhance our local businesses; to provide input to the Councillor's office on local matters such as traffic calming, parking, or other bylaw concerns on behalf of residents; to provide guidance or advice on local planning, environment, heritage or other local matters - either through our own knowledge, or helping to connect you with the right people; to lead or help organize community-building events; and to keep an eye on bigger projects such as the coming Tunney's Pasture development, adding more greenspace, zoning changes, etc. 

We have a *new* WVCA Facebook page, which we would love for you to join ( and participate in the conversations. Be sure to check out our "Light up the Village" Contest that is going on right now! Decorate your home and nominate your favourite houses in the neighbourhood for a chance to win! 

We also have a still relatively new website ( with a lot of great content worth checking out. 

Our board meets monthly to stay on top of the big current issues affecting Wellington Village, such as the Scott Street redevelopment, Tunney's Pasture redevelopment, traffic calming, infills/development, and the city's new Official Plan.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to our association at, or through one of the social media spots listed above! 

Wellington Village is an amazing neighbourhood and we are proud to be here for you!

Dave Allston

President, WVCA 

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