The Wellington Village Community Association (WVCA) is a volunteer, non-profit community group of local residents that represents over 1,500 households in our neighbourhood.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Code of Conduct for Builders

The WVCA welcomes responsible developers into the neighbourhood and looks forward to a positive relationship.

We have recently developed a code of conduct for builders operating in our neighbourhood. We believe that developers and builders who are respectful of the existing community, who follow this code, and keep avenues of communication open will be able to maintain good relations with neighbours throughout construction and will be able to complete their projects with minimal delays. The code of conduct outlines what we and our residents expect of builders and developers working in our community.

We encourage residents of Wellington Village who have a neighbouring property up for development to share this code of conduct with the builder and/or owner. If you'd rather, you can contact the WVCA to request that we share it with the builder/owner on the community's behalf.

Please contact the WVCA at if you have any questions or suggestions.

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