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Thursday, February 16, 2017

LRT: Tunney's Noise Exemption Overnight February 13th and February 17th

From the City of Ottawa:
There is an application for a noise exemption in order to drill two geotechnical boreholes (GB-3 and GB-4 from the attached .pdf) for the future bridge at Tunney

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  1. Not sure what the proposed work dates are as dates listed in notice have come and gone ...
    in any case, buses could be rerouted to Scott street for 5 days from 6-11pm without as much disruption to residents. In fact if 2 of the 5 days were weekend days it would be even better. Buses requiring a loop could use the north extension from Holland at scott which just goes through Tunney's and back out Tunney's if not being used by drilling equipment. Otherwise, the loop could be done at Parkdale (loops back on itself) or any of the other streets that lead through Tunney's.
    cheers, ck