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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Application for Minor Variances for 117 Clarendon, April Committee of Adjustment meeting

The WVCA has received the following application to the Committee of Adjustment:

1) Minor Variance Application for 117 Clarendon Avenue

Public Hearing to be held at Committee of Adjustment Meeting on Wednesday, April 3, 1pm, Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive (in the chamber, main floor).

On March 6, the Committee adjourned Consent applications and an accompanying Minor Variance application for this property in order to allow the Owner time to revise the minor variance application and file an additional minor variance application for the other semi-detached dwelling unit.

The owner has filed applications which, if approved, will have the effect of creating two parcels of land in order to create separate ownerships for each half of a proposed two-storey semi-detached dwelling. The proposed developments on the parcels will not be in conformity with the zoning by-law. The existing dwelling will be demolished.

To proceed, the owners require:

-consent of the Committee for Conveyances and a maintenance/joint use agreement.

- authority of the Committee for minor variances from the zoning by-law to permit:

A) a reduced easterly corner side yard setback of 1.35 metres whereas the by-law requires a minimum setback of 3 metres;

B) a covered porch to be located within 0.29 metres of a corner lot line whereas the by-law permits the projection of a covered porch to be 2 metres but not closer than 1 metre to any lot line.

Under New Infill Development Regulations, for 117B Clarendon Avenue

C) a reduced front yard setback of 3.04 metres for the principal dwelling whereas the by-law states that the required fron yard setback for a principal dwelling on a corner lot is an average of the front yard setback of the principal dwellings of the adjacent properties, and the required front yard setback of the underlying zone (3 metres).

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